a handmade thank you

Just over three months ago, my mom threw me a baby shower and just about two months ago, I had a baby! I wasn't feeling so creative during my pregnancy but as the ninth month approached my creative juices started to flow again. I wanted to express my appreciation and love to all the people that were so supportive and generous throughout my pregnancy and so I thought taking the time to make a handmade thank you card was a nice way to show it. My daughter arrived on October 29th and we named her Olive. Click through the photos to see how I created the "I Love You" or rather "Olive You" cards...

Making Stickers for the Wild Bird Fund

This coming Thursday, the non-profit I volunteer for will be hosting a fundraising gala. A lot of work has gone into putting the event together and we're all hoping it pays off! I had the task of designing the signage and printing the large format photos with the great help of my husband and Graj & Gustavsen, where everything was printed. One of the smaller projects I took on was making stickers. 

The Wild Bird Fund is a non-profit organization that helps rescue and rehabilitate New York City's wildlife. For the time I have spent helping out at the center, I've seen many different creatures come and go. Here are some of the animals I have had the pleasure to care for or just quietly observe...

Gem and Mineral Show, Tucson 2013

A couple years ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Tucson, Arizona with Swarovski-Elements for the annual Gem and Mineral shows. This year, an up-and-coming new jewelry line, Victoria Louise, was kind enough to bring me along. I had some free time to walk a few different shows and tents around Tucson this time. The amount of beads, stones, rocks, minerals and gems was overwhelming but inspiring and of course a lot of fun! Who doesn't love rocks!?

Illuminated Address Plaque

Walnut Hollow is the source for the best fine wood surfaces, tools and accessories for crafter and hobbyists. I recently created this illuminated address plaque using their bark-edged Basswood Country Round. Follow the picture how-to so you can make one for your home too. Now your guests won't miss out on sipping spiced rum around the fireplace when they see your house number lit up in the dark forest. Oh I wish I had a cabin in the woods!


Browsing flea markets, spending a day rummage "sale-ing", spontaneously pulling off the road to stop in an offbeat thrift store or dedicating a weekend to walk an antique show—whatever or wherever, looking at old things is always inspiring to me. Here are some snapshots of the interesting objects I've noted the past couple of years.

Hermes Artisans

Utterly amazed at how precise, methodical and accurate the Hermes craftspeople are. The delicate care and masterful artistry is a trademark of the brand, but seeing the process in person made me completely appreciate the sheer quality of the work.

Maine Mushroom

After just photographing a single mushroom, as we began to hike up a trail in Acadia National Park, fungi seemed to be popping up everywhere along the path. Enchanted by the assortment of these whimsical forms, it took a lot longer to climb the mountain than we had anticipated. I stopped to snap a picture of over a hundred mushrooms.

Unpolished Surfaces

Earth's external blankets often organically form truly exquisite motifs. Whether its infectious lichen spreading over rock, an ancient tree's roots piercing through soil, or arranged rock tightly patched together forming a stone puzzle—these natural patterns make art that is not easily duplicated. Our Planet's form and creations are authentically unique.